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How Much Does the Most Affordable Online RN to BSN Cost?

How Much Does the Most Affordable Online RN to BSN Cost?

If you’re living in North Carolina and looking for details about how much does the most affordable online RN to BSN cost, we have what you need. RN to BSN online programs have sharp popularity rise since so many healthcare systems and hospitals are start hiring registered nurses that are BSN educated. Luckily, online options let the nurses to get bachelor degree without leaving their obligations.

Most Affordable Online RN to BSN Cost

In order to help you and so many other nursing students finding perfect online nursing programs, there would b ranked online programs of RN to BSN down here. Those programs are located in North Caroline state. Check these online programs first before you start enrolling for an online program that is not accredited. Make sure you leave your education in the right hand.

Affordable RN to BSN Online Programs in NC

  • Winston Salem State University

Located in Winston Salem, North Carolina, this university is offering the most affordable courses in part time option or full-time option. Fees and tuition for all online programs offered by this university are usually less than 5,000 USD. In order to get complete details about fees and tuition to complete the courses and earn your degree, visit the official site of this university.

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  • University of North Carolina Wilmington

This university is located in Wilmington, North Carolina and is allowing the nursing students to enroll in six different enrollment periods every year. There’ no need to worry if you missed the previous enrollment. This school has the next cheapest RN to BSN online programs. If you live in North Carolina, you only have to prepare 169.18 USD for every credit hour of this nursing program.

  • Western California University

Wester California University is located in Cullowhee, North Carolina and is offering nursing curriculum that focuses on cross team communication and leadership in healthcare setting. If you enroll for the full-time courses, you can complete your BSN programs in just 4 semesters. students living in Cullowhee is required to prepare 3,500 USD in total to complete BSN degree.

  • Fayetteville State University

If you choose full-time online courses in this university, you will compete the entire programs in 2.5 semesters only. But if you pick the part time option, you’ll have to spend 5 semesters before getting your BSN degree. Curriculum you’ll get from this university is including the trends and issues in nursing, nursing skills application, and community health. Clinical courses might be required.

  • Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
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For those having lots of time, they can consider earning BSN degree in this university. The online program in full-time option can be completed after 18 months. Can you imagine how long you’ll spend studying if you choose the part-time option? This university has a unique program called Loan Forgiveness belongs to alumni and teammates. Check their site for complete details.

Have you decided which school you’ll trust? Each school has its own contra and pro. However, you’re free to choose one that you trust the most, but make sure it is accredited. And make sure you can afford the courses’ cost before you enroll for the programs.