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Cheapest RN to BSN Online Programs

Cheapest RN to BSN Online Programs

To become quality nurses, we are all required to get a degree. It proves that we have learned how to take care of patient properly. Some degrees belong to nurses are including BSN or bachelor of science in nursing, RN or registered nurse, and also AND or associate degree in nursing. If you’ve got the RN degree already, it is good. But you might be interested in cheapest RN to BSN online programs.

Industries today are pushing nurses everywhere to get the BSN degree. Besides, schools are now offering the online programs for those who want to get BSN degree though they already have RN degree. However, you need to be careful in finding the right programs since online and bridge courses promise they’re the best option. this doesn’t mean you cannot find the best program for you.

RN to BSN Online Programs Without Clinicals

Many schools are requiring the RN students to do practicum or clinical course. The clinical commitment sometimes takes between 700 and 900 hours. This means you have to be ready in spending more time taking care of patients in clinical setting. It might be complicated for you, especially if you’re taking the degree from online school that’s located far away from home.

Can you do a cheap RN to BSN online without taking any clinical practice? Luckily, several schools aren’t giving the clinical teaching so that their online students can enjoy the lessons. Below are some of those schools.

  • Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is the first option. This school is a Christian based university that is perfect for Christian nurses looking for BSN degree. GCU has 36 credit programs related to RN to BSN and also rolling system which is letting the new students join the university once per two weeks. The program offered by this university doesn’t require the clinical component.

The online program here is requiring you to spend twelve months or a year to get the degree. There are also five-week classes that are designed to help students earning the BSN degree faster. The entire courses that are offered by Grand Canyon University are online with some practicum hours. If you want to get not only BSN but also BSN, there’s a fast track program that requires only 30 months learning.

About the cost, tuition rate of each credit program offered by GCU is around 470 USD. This school is located in 3300 West Camelback Road in Phoenix, but since it offers the online programs, you can study everywhere. GCU also has the scholarship program for those looking for BSN-prepared nurse. The scholarship you can earn is 330 USD for every credit hour.

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Are cheap online RN to BSN program accredited? Don’t worry about the quality of GCU since it is accredited by HLC or Higher Learning Commission since 1968. This university is also authorized by Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education. Since the university itself is a trusted school, you can trust the programs given to you that leads to BSN degree you are trying to reach.

  • St. Louis University

Then there’s St. Louis University that also doesn’t require clinical courses. This Catholic Jesuit university is located in Saint Louis in Missouri has RN to BSN online program called Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing. This program is made to meet registered nurses’ need who want to complete the BSN degree. The good news is St. Louis’s program is completely online.

That online program of St. Louis University is approved by Missouri State Board of Nursing. The entire nursing programs provided by this university is all accredited by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. In order to achieve the educational objectives, St. Louise University is using hospitals within the SSM Health as well as many other organizations of health care.

St. Louis University allows students to choose between part time courses and full-time courses. Previous education of the nurses won’t be tested in order to validate. Students are going to complete 120 credit programs. Which school that attracts you the most?

Fastest Cheapest RN to BSN Program

Some of nurses with RN degree are looking for BSN online programs that are not only fast but also cheap at once. It is because of the IOM or Institute of Medicine that made recommendation by 2020 that 80% of nurses must have BSN degree. This makes every nurse wondering about what are the best cheap online RN to BSN degree program they could take.

Good news for those nurses since some universities down here are going to help them earning the BSN degree not only quickly but also affordably. You must read : Best Accredited Online Certificate Programs in Medical Billing and Coding

  • University of Wyoming

Those who want to study in this university must input their application during autumn and spring every year. This university has 27 credit hours that students can complete in a year, depends on the availability of the course. Program courses here are all 8 weeks long. University of Wyoming is allowing the entire students to study online, whether part time or full-time.

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What about the cost of University of Wyoming’s online program? Each credit hour requires you to spend 139 USD which means in total you have to pay 4,920 USD. This cost already includes the additional cost associated to the university and also lab fees. You can trust this school since this university is accredited by Higher Learning Commission and Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

The online programs of University of Wyoming belong to registered nurse that has associate diploma or degree in nursing. This university offers scholarships as well as financial aid for those who need. the students can get scholarships if they’re admitted to Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing already. Apply the scholarship by visiting the website of this university.

  • Appalachian State University

Compared to the previous university, this school is a bit pricier, just a little bit. To complete the online BSN programs in this university, you need to spend 163 USD for each credit hour. Total cost you need to pay for the entire programs is just 4,890 USD which already covers the online fees, lab fees, also additional costs associated to the university.

Just like University of Wyoming, this school’s program is accredited b CCNE or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and is accepting new student applications during autumn and spring every year. Appalachian State University is providing 30 credit hours that you can complete in one year depends on courses number you take.

The programs of Appalachian State University’s BSN degree offer non traditional research and projects for the students. You can get certification or licensure by following the program provided by Appalachian State University. However, the university couldn’t confirm if its program is going to meet professional licensure requirements in the other territories or states. Always check the details in your own state.

If you think this university is the right one for you, before joining the program there will be some courses to complete at accredited institution first. Those courses are including English composition, fine arts or humanities, behavioral sciences or social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. If you’ve completed those courses, you’re ready to join the Appalachian State University’s BSN online programs.

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Cheapest RN to BSN Online Florida

For those living in Florida looking for university providing cheapest but great program of RN to BSN degree, there’s University of Central Florida. This university allows the students to send their application three times every year, during summer, autumn, and spring. So, it is never too late for you to start joining and studying BSN online programs in this university.

University of Central Florida requires students to finish the 30 credit hours online program which take around a year studying. Since the program offered by this university is online, students can study in part time or full-time option.

How much does the most affordable online RN to BSN cost? Students of University of Central Florida must prepare 212.28 USD for every credit hour which means 6,368.40 USD in total. Don’t worry, the costs include all additional costs like the lab fees.

If you’re looking for quality university, University of Central Florida is the answer. It is accredited by CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, Institution by Southern Association of Colleges, also Schools Commission on Colleges. University of Central Florida is nominated with 2020 Best Online Programs in Bachelor’s and 2020 Best Colleges that is Most Innovative. What makes you hesitate now?

For those looking for cheaper option, there’s University of South Florida that’s offering online BSN programs with only 3,152.10 USD for all credit hours which means you have to spend only 105.07 USD for every credit hour. The cost here includes university costs, online fees, also lab fees. About the accreditation, this school is accredited by CCNE.

However, unlike University of Central Florida, University of South Florida only accept new student applications in autumn and spring. The entire 30 credit hours can be finished in one year, but it depends on courses number you take. Before you apply for University of South Florida’s programs, you need to meet some requirements first. What requirements you should meet to be accepted?

First, you have to meet the acceptance at the University of South Florida as undergraduate student seeking for degree. Second, you must send application to College of Nursing. If you’ve already admitted by University of South Florida’s Tampa Undergraduate Admissions Office, you can continue submitting your application to College of Nursing.