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Can You Do a Cheap RN to BSN Online?

Can You Do a Cheap RN to BSN Online?

Being a nurse isn’t easy at all. You need to understand how to take really good care of all patients with different needs. If you’re an RN, you might be asked to get BSN degree so that you can pursue good career in nursing. But we all know that you’re busy today so it is normal if you’re wondering can you do a cheap RN to BSN online. The answer is yes.

Most Affordable BSN Programs

As RN or registered nurse, you might have at least 83,000 USD every year. But once you’re done studying and earn the BSN degree, you can increase the income you need. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find affordable online school offering online nursing programs that will balance the affordability with the quality. However, you can get the degree easily and even quickly today.

Most Affordable BSN Programs

  • Florida International University

This school is the number one university providing affordable online programs for RN who want to earn BSN. This school which is located in Miami, Florida is requiring you to pay only 9,180 USD for the whole program.

  • University of Florida Online

Located in Gainesville, Florida, this school is offering online programs for RN who wants to get the BSN degree with average price 10,287 USD. University of Florida is already accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools of SACS. Since January 2014, this university provides the online programs for new students, transfer students, in state students, and out of the state students.

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  • Rutgers University Camden

This university is located in Camden, New Jersey. It is the number three of cheapest RN to BSN online programs. Average price of online programs for RN who needs to get the BSN degree is around 12,279 USD. The online programs are accredited by NJBON or New Jersey Board of Nursing, MSCHE or Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and CCNE.

  • Dickinson State University

It is located in Dickinson and is nominated as the fourth recommended affordable school to earn BSN degree for the registered nurses. The average price you must prepare to get you BSN degree with this school is 6,768 USD. The entire BSN and AASPN programs offered by this school are accredited by ACEN or Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

  • Thomas Edison State University

The other option to get affordable online programs in order to get the BSN degree Thomas Edison State University that’s located in Trenton, New Jersey. For the entire online programs, all you have to spend is just 7,519 USD. If you really need to get the BSN degree online, you must have the access to MSN courses, PowerPoint and Excel software, webcam, and microphone before joining.

Make sure you have high speed internet connection at least 10 megabyte per second since you’re going to understand the entire courses. Both macOS and Windows are better option than ChromeOS and Linux in helping you completing the entire courses. microphone and webcam and even some additional hardware might be required, depends on which school you get the online programs.

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